Winter Beauty Essentials

January 11, 2017

I know we don’t have a true “winter” here in San Diego, but my skin and hair still acts like we do. My skin and hair always gets SUPER dry during this time of year! I’ve been trying more and more products lately (thanks in part to my ongoing Birchbox subscription), and I found quite a few that have been helping me combat my winter dryness. Some are items that I use all year long, but are especially amazing in the winter. A couple of new things I’ve been using are a facial oil (I was skeptical at first but it’s actually amazing) and eye cream. Both have been doing wonders for my skin!! Now, I know I’m not a beauty buff by any means, but I’ve been using these products for the past couple of months (some for years!) and I just had to share.

Revlon Balm Stain

I’ve been using these for years now, and I cannot say enough good things about them. They are less than $10 and the color lasts FOREVER. I love them in the winter because my lips are always crazy chapped, and since these are more of a balm, they go on so smooth.

Verb Ghost Oil

I love using this oil on the ends of my hair. I have horrible split ends and dryness, and I’ve really been noticing a difference after only a few uses! Plus, it gives my hair some added shine, which is really nice.

Davines All In One Milk

This is hands down my favorite hair product! I’ve written about before here and here because it’s just. that. good. It’s pretty pricy for me at $32 for a little bottle, but man this stuff works. It’s the only product that actually smoothes my hair. Especially in the winter when my hair gets really coarse and slightly resembles horse hair at times, this stuff makes it silky smooth and frizz free.

Tocca Crema de Mano

I never really used to wear hand lotion or cream. Every now and then I would put some on, but they would always leave my hands greasy and I can’t stand that feeling! This cream smells amazing and doesn’t leave any greasiness behind. I’ve been putting it on every night before I go to bed and it’s made a HUGE difference!

Vaseline Intensive Care Lotion

This is pretty basic, but I do love this lotion. Honestly, I prefer unscented when it comes to lotion! If I’m putting lotion on going out at night I’ll use a fun scent, but otherwise I’m an unscented kind of girl. This lotion is plain, simple, and it works!

Eva NYC Hair Mask

Hair masks are something I’m just getting into, and I don’t know why I haven’t been using them all the time!! I’ve been using this one a couple times a week, and my hair feels incredible after every use. Hopefully if I keep on using it my hair will keep feeling better and better!

Aquaphor Healing Ointment

This stuff is a LIVESAVER. I can’t remember who introduced me to it, but it’s seriously a miracle worker. Regular chapsticks just weren’t doing it for me, and I was getting so tired of having perpetually chapped lips. After using this stuff only a couple of times, my lips felt 100% better. Now I put it on every night before bed and I have no more lip cracking!

Clinique Smart Night Moisturizer

If you don’t know by now, I’m a total Clinique girl. I usually just use their Dramatically Different lotion, but I’ve been switching things up with this nighttime moisturizer and I love it. My skin feels so refreshed when I wake up in the morning!

Tarte Maracuja Oil

I received this oil in my Birchbox a couple months ago and it took me a while to start using it, but it’s become a total staple in my nightly routine! It’s the perfect pick me up for your skin when it’s exceptionally dry during the winter.

L’oreal Advanced Revitalift Eye Cream

I don’t know how early is too early to start using eye cream, but I’m loving this one. It’s been definitely making the skin under my eyes look perkier!

What are your go-to beauty products in the winter?



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