What’s In My Bag

May 19, 2016

Every time I pull something out of my bag, my friends and family always joke about how I’m Hermione from Harry Potter, who has a magical bag that is seemingly endless. Although I usually don’t even carry huge totes with tons of stuff, I always have certain essentials on me that I can’t live without (and that I usually end up lending to other people). Getting caught one too many times without say, a pen in your bag, will make you remember to keep one in your bag at all times! I always love reading these types of posts, because what’s in your bag really speaks a lot about who you are. Usually I keep more lipstick/makeup in my bag (I think I found 6 lipsticks at the bottom of my bag the other day…woops!), but this particular day I was down to the bare necessities.

So, here’s a snapshot of what’s almost always in my bag!

  • Cell phone. Of course!
  • Wallet. Obviously all my wallets and bags don’t match, but I love that these do.
  • Sunglasses. I think my eyes must be super sensitive, so I never leave home without them!
  • Nail file. Having a hangnail without a nail file is pretty much torture.
  • Lip balm. Nothing worse than having chapped lips all day long!
  • Business cards. I finally got around to making some, and I’m SO happy I did (more on those in another post). You never know who you’re going to need to network with!
  • Eye drops. As a contact wearer, I can’t go anywhere without my eyedrops. When I get the afternoon sleepies, I put in a few drops and feel like a new person!
  • Notepad + pen. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve needed a pen and paper, so now I won’t leave home without it.
  • Pills. This might be weird, but I hate getting a headache and not having anything to take! I always keep this handy dandy (and super cute!) little pill jar in my bag in case of headaches, cramps, etc. I’m always refilling it because people always ask me for it!

In-my-bag_5In-my-bag_4In-my-bag_7 In-my-bag_6 In-my-bag_1

Bag: Kate Spade / Sunglasses: Ray Ban / Sunscreen: Coola

Card Holder: Kate Spade / Notepad: Marshalls (love this one)

Wallet: Kate Spade / Lip Balm: Rosebud Perfume Co.

What do you always have to keep in your bag?



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  • Soojin

    What a cool blog! I love your “champagne taste on a beer budget” sense of fashion; I adore the style AND the prices. Thanks for the cool ideas!

    • devonhembury@yahoo.com

      Hi Soojin, thank you so much! 🙂