What I’m Loving Lately

September 8, 2013

1. Kate Spade’s spring 2014 collection is literally perfection. Pink-white-black perfection. I want every single piece. Sigh.

2. The Downton Abbey season 4 trailer is here!! I’ve never been this excited/scared/sad about anything, ever. How will Lady Mary cope?! How will Rose adjust to life at Downton? And what is she doing with Lord Grantham?!

I ask the hard hitting questions, people.

3. “27 reasons San Diego just might be heaven on earth” from Buzzfeed, just because. Well, because they are all pretty true. San Diego is pretty cool. FINE, it’s kind of awesome (most of the time).

4. New favorite blog: The Man Repeller. I had heard of her for quite a while but had never read until just recently. I read one post and I’m hooked. Turns out she’s one of  the funniest people, like, ever. I crack up at almost every post. She’s so sarcastic it hurts (in a good way). This is her. On the right, obviously.

5. I am still obsessed with military inspired jackets. I need one. Not really. But I will break down and buy one soon… it’s only a matter of time. There is a beautiful Alice & Olivia jacket I’ve been coveting that is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever laid eyes on, but because it costs more than my last paycheck, I have a feeling that I’ll have to settle. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing considering how many options there are, like this F21 version.



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