Weekly Budget Buy

July 27, 2016

Happy Hump day, friends!

I’m starting a new series called ‘Weekly Budget Buy’, where I’m going to share a fun new budget find every week. All items will be under $50 (let’s be real, most of them will probably be under $25), and will range from clothes to shoes to home decor. I thought this would be a great way to showcase the little things I’m loving each week!

This week’s find is this adorable ampersand marquee! I snagged this baby for $20 and couldn’t be happier about it. It’s such a cute statement piece that will be a great addition to my future apartment. My future apartment is basically furnished already! The only thing missing is, well, the apartment. Oops! Anyways, after scooping this piece up, I immediately hopped on Pinterest. As usual, Pinterest pulled through, and I found TONS of great ideas on how to style ampersands (particularly this and this). If you get it, do a quick Pinterest search and you’ll totally be inspired!

Ampersand Marquee // Target, $20




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