Why You Should Travel to Europe in the Fall

September 26, 2017

Last year Dave and I went on a month-long European adventure and it was the best experience of our lives. Now that it’s almost been a year since our trip, I’ve been wistfully looking at all our photos and wishing we were going back. I miss it so much. I also can’t believe it’s almost been a year. I feel like we just hopped on that flight yesterday!

We went during the fall, and it ended up being one of the best parts of the trip (our exact dates were October 21-November 21). I know I pretty much talk non-stop about how much I love fall (and how we don’t really have fall here in San Diego), so going to Europe in the fall was an absolute dream. Being able to wear sweaters, sip hot tea and wander around the changing leaves in the crisp air, IN EUROPE was truly my heaven.

One of the lessons we learned is that traveling in the fall is the best. Not only do you get to experience the magic of the fall season, but there are less crowds, it’s cheaper, and it’s not hot (!!!). If you’re planning a Europe trip in the future, here are a few reasons why you should travel in the fall.

There Are Less Crowds

My first trip to Europe was in the summer, and boy oh boy was it crowded. We of course knew it would be and prepared for the worst, but never ending lines and people just get old after a while. In the fall, kids are back in school and there are hardly any crowds. It’s AMAZING. Without hordes of tourists scattered around, you experience places like the locals do.

It’s Less Expensive

We flew Norwegian, which is always cheap, but flight prices in general tend to go down in the fall. We also got some incredible deals on our Airbnbs. Granted, we were staying in shared homes which are typically less expensive, but I’m talking like $40-60 a night. Like, SO cheap! Plus, in the off season you’re more likely to score Airbnbs/hotels that are always booked up in the summer months. That’s what happened with our Tuscany Airbnb—apparently, it’s always booked solid pretty much up until the fall so we were lucky to snag it.

 The Weather is Amazing

One of the things I remember the most about my first Europe trip in the summer was how hot it was. Traveling in the fall was a dream in comparison! Temps were in the 50s-60s range in most places, sometimes even a bit chillier. It was ideal weather for walking a ton, and dipping into cafes to warm up with a cup of tea or a cappuccino. One thing is you don’t know what you’re going to get as fair as rain  goes in the off season, but we really lucked out and only got one day of rain on our whole trip. As long as you’re prepared for it, it’s fine! Here’s my packing list for the trip.

Fall Foliage

Fall in Europe is so beautiful! It might not be New England in terms of color, but everywhere you look the leaves are turning vibrant shades of yellow and red. In Paris, the trees in the Jardin des Tuileries all are turning and there’s nothing better than strolling around with crunchy leaves underfoot. And the hills of Tuscany? Don’t even get me started. The vineyards all turn gold and are seriously so stunning against the autumn sun.



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