How To Be Productive When Working From Home

June 7, 2016

Ever since I left my office job a few months ago, I’ve been working from home quite a bit. The shift has been an interesting one, to say the least, especially since I’m still at my parent’s house! However, it’s been a great to switch things up while I’m in between jobs. I’m sure I’ll be working from home again at some point in my life, so I’ll be better prepared next time!

Working from home has tons of perks: you can stay in your pj’s all day (or stay in your bed all day for that matter), there’s no commute, you don’t have to go out to lunch if you forget to bring food… the list goes on. But, sometimes working from home is a challenge. Being by yourself is great, but it’s a double edge sword. Sometimes it’s super hard to motivate yourself to actually get things done! So, here are a few tips that have helped me become way more productive working from home:

Create a designated workspace

Since my desk is packed away with my furniture in the attic, I don’t have a desk in my room anymore. To make do, I used to work from the sofa or my bed, which would result in me either a) falling asleep on my bed or b) turning on the TV and catching up on my shows. Not exactly productive! Once I created a designated workspace for myself (it ended up being the kitchen table…so glamorous, I know), it changed everything. Wherever your workspace may be, make sure your computer is on a solid surface and your planner and notebooks are at the ready. This will make a world of difference in keeping you focused and on task! Bonus points if you decorate your space to keep you extra inspired. Flowers always help me!

Get errands/chores done on the weekend

This one is tough, because sometimes there are certain errands that are way easier to do during the week. However, attempting to do all of your errands on the weekend will really boost your productivity when working from home. So many times I would get a chunk of work done in the morning, only to spend the entire rest of the day at Target, Trader Joes, etc. and the rest of my day would be shot. Same goes for chores- try to get all your housework done on the weekend, or when you’re finished working in the evening. I don’t know how much I’ve wasted from convincing myself I needed to do random things around the house instead of work. Making work a priority over everything else during work hours is key!

Make lists

While this might seem like a no-brainer, making lists and actually sticking to them is more difficult than it seems when working from home, as I’m sure you all know! When you make your to-do list for the day, put your top 3 tasks that you MUST get done at the top, and try to tackle those first. That way, by the time the afternoon rolls around, you’ve already gotten your most important tasks over with! I hate the feeling of dread when you know you have to get something done, but it’s late in the day and you just want a glass of rosé. Avoid this by allotting yourself time for getting each task done when writing your to-do list. Giving yourself a specific time frame to get things done will really help motivate you to stay on track throughout the day. This might seem like a lot of planning, but the more organized you are, the more productive you’ll be!

Limit social media

I think one of the biggest challenges (sadly) about working from home is getting distracted by social media. With no one else around you, it’s way too easy to be constantly checking your phone. Even if you’re only on your phone for a few minutes at a time, it breaks up your workflow and is SO distracting. To alleviate this, I try to check my phone once every couple hours, like when I get up and take a stretch break or to make a cup of tea. The easiest way is to just leave your phone in another room. It’s pretty freeing, actually! Same thing goes for the Internet. Although you can’t leave the Internet in the other room, do your best to only check Pinterest, blogs, etc. when you’re actually taking a break. I promise you’ll get so much more done when you’re not constantly checking how your photo is doing on Instagram, or scrolling through Style Me Pretty!

What do you do to make yourself more productive when working from home? I’d love to hear any tips you might have! 🙂



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