Thrift Store Shopping Tips

August 31, 2016

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In case you guys didn’t know, I’m a huge thrift store lover. There was one thrift store in particular my mom and I always used to go to when I was younger, and it got me totally hooked! There’s just something about a good thrift store find, you know? In my years of thrifting, I’ve scored brand new J.Crew tops, Tory Burch blouses, Ann Taylor cashmere sweaters…you name it, and I’ve probably thrifted it. That being said, thrifting isn’t for the faint of heart. You’ve got to be ready to really do some digging! Here are my top tips for having a great thrifting experience:

1. Location, location, location.

Do your research before heading out! Usually you’ll find that thrift stores in better areas have better stuff. However, that’s not always the case! Some of my favorite thrift stores aren’t in the best of locations. Also, map out a few options in a specific area before heading out, so you have a few to choose from!

2. Keep checking back.

Don’t get discouraged if you don’t find what you’re looking for one day- thrift stores get new inventory in constantly. I guarantee if you check back in a few days or the next week, you’ll find something. It’ll be entirely new stuff to choose from!

3. Take your time.

Make sure to set aside a chunk of time so you aren’t rushing. If you rush, you might miss something great! If you take your time to carefully go through everything, usually you’ll have better luck. Leave no stone unturned!

4. Bring cash.

A lot of thrift stores only take cash. I’m not going to lie, I’ve been guilty of forgetting cash on numerous occasions and having to miss out on purchasing things!

5. Don’t be afraid to tailor.

Don’t worry if jeans are a tad too long or a blouse needs to be taken in slightly. If they are great quality pieces, I say do it! Most likely it’s a super unique piece that you won’t find anywhere else, which makes it worth a few extra dollars to make something fit perfectly.

6. Wear the right clothes.

Wear clothes that easily allow you to slip things on over, as most thrift stores don’t have dressing rooms. I usually wear a skirt or dress so I can slip things on under or over (don’t judge).

7. Really examine your items.

Thoroughly inspect all of your items to make sure there are no holes, stains, etc. The worst is when you think you’ve gotten an amazing steal, only to find that it’s damaged. Don’t let it happen to you! Check it over at least a few times, and no matter what brand it is, never buy anything damaged (even if it’s just a tiny spot). It’s just not worth it!

8. Don’t judge a book by its cover.

As I mentioned above, a lot of great thrift stores are in not so great areas. Don’t judge a book by its cover! Even if a store looks a little sketchy on the outside, there might be amazing stuff inside. You never know! They don’t call them diamonds in the rough for nothing. 😉

9. Don’t stay in one section.

Some of my greatest finds have been in the mens section. Seriously. Oversize mens cashmere sweaters to wear around the house?! Yes please! Don’t be afraid to venture to other sections- you never know what you might find.

What’s your best thrift store score? I’d love to know!



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