Thrift shop

September 14, 2013


I am a thrift store shopping addict. When I can find designer pieces for literally a few dollars, it makes me sad to think how much money I would spend on retail. This isn’t to say that you’ll always find winners, though. All too often I leave the store empty handed, but that’s just the name of the game. But if you check back pretty frequently, you’ll be amazed at the things you can find. A few days ago I scored the coolest pair of Joe’s Jeans for the whopping price of $4.50, and in stores these jeans retail for over $150! They fit perfectly, and I’m so excited to wear them with cozy sweaters this fall. After twenty minutes I almost left the store because I wasn’t finding anything, but I told myself I should take one last look… and lo and behold, these gorgeous teal corduroy babies came into my life.

Don’t give up or  you might miss a diamond in the rough!



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