This and That No. 1

December 9, 2016

Happy Friday!

I’ve had so much going on lately that I thought I’d try something a little different and start a new series where I talk about what’s been happening in my life, what my weekend plans are, and what things I’ve been loving for the week. Hope you enjoy!

1 // Job Search

I’ve been hitting the job search HARD, and it’s so exhausting. I feel like job hunting can be more work than an actual job sometimes! It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when applying to jobs, so I’ve been combing through articles on Career Contessa and TheEverygirl and it’s been helping a ton. They have such great career advice! I’ve been applying to places in both San Diego and LA, so we’ll see what happens. Fingers crossed I start hearing back from places soon!

2 // Getting Festive

We decorated the Christmas tree at my parent’s house last night, and it really put me in the holiday spirit. I’m happy the tree is finished, the house is decorated, the moose mugs are out, and now we can just enjoy the holiday magic for the rest of the month.

3 // What I’m Watching

I just started watching the Crown and I’m so into it! I needed something to fill my Downton Abbey void, and this is definitely it. I can’t wait to keep watching more! Dave and I also started watching Westworld, which is pretty out of my normal zone of TV (sci-fi isn’t usually my thing), and it’s…interesting. I know everyone RAVED about it, and it’s good, but it’s also very strange. But I do want to keep watching and see how everything unfolds!

4 // Weekend Plans

This weekend we are going to the Nutcracker! Every year my family and I go to at least one Christmas show or concert, and I’m so excited about the Nutcracker because I haven’t seen it in years. I want to stop in at the Westgate Hotel for a drink beforehand and see the Christmas decorations!

5 // Currently Coveting

I have been seriously obsessing over this sweater for the holidays. How perfect is the bright red?! I need to bite the bullet and buy it, but I’m trying to be good! I’m also IN LOVE with these little glitter heels. I mean, how perfect would they be for a New Year’s Eve party?!



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