This and That No. 44

January 5, 2018

We made it through the first week of the year! I’m quite excited to spend the weekend relaxing, cooking, and getting organized (maybe a closet clean out?). I still need to take down the Christmas tree and decor, but I’m avoiding it. I know I need to do it this weekend though and just get it over with. Maybe I’ll bribe myself with a trip to Homegoods afterwards to pick up something new for the apartment. 😉

I hope you guys have a great weekend!

1 // How to Have a Happy and Healthy 2018

There are tons of “New Year, New You” articles out there right now, but this one is actually really helpful. It gives you 31 things to do for a happier, healthier you–one thing for each day this month. I’m going to do a few of them this weekend!

2 // In-N-Out Adds Hot Chocolate

Breaking news, everyone!! In-N-Out released their first new menu item in 10 years: hot chocolate! I doubt I’ll ever order it (why have hot cocoa when you can have a milkshake?!), but it’s pretty exciting stuff for us West Coasters.

3 // Chip and Joanna Announce Pregnancy

I’m a die hard Fixer Upper fan, so I was super excited to hear Joanna’s pregnancy announcement this week! Their kids are seriously the cutest, so I’m sure this one will be just adorable.

4 // Adorable Art Prints

I’ve been looking to add a couple cute new prints for my desk area, and I stumbled upon this cute Etsy shop (Etsy is like Pinterest…I always get sucked in and somehow I’ve spent an hour doing I don’t know what). All the prints are so cute! I especially love this one for my desk. This one would be so perfect for my bar cart!

5 // Animals Doing Things

Animal Instagram accounts are one of my favorite things. I follow basically every corgi and dog account, a raccoon…you name it. I don’t know how I wasn’t following this account?! I spent my whole lunch break scrolling through all the videos and basically dying laughing. If you don’t already follow, you definitely need to.




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