This and That No. 43

October 27, 2017

I’m so relieved it’s Friday! I love going away for the weekend, but it always makes the week after a little bit tough. I’ve been a little bit sluggish this week, that’s for sure! I’m looking forward to a low-key and restful weekend. Part of me is bummed that I don’t really have Halloween plans, but the other part of me is looking forward to just staying in and catching up on sleep (grandma status, woops). Also, we leave for Hawaii a week from tomorrow, so I have some errands to run and  things to get organized for our trip. I hope you guys have a good one!

1 // Gray Malin x Away

My (and everyone’s!) favorite photographer, Gray Malin, just announced a new collaboration with Away luggage. The suitcases are so cute, and the photography detail on the inside is to die for!

2 // Cat Runs on Football Field at NFL Game

During last nights Ravens vs. Miami football game, a tiny cat ran out onto the football field. It was pretty much the cutest thing ever! But really though, how does a cat get onto a football field?!

3 // Comfiest Slide Sandals

I know it’s fall and we’re all thinking about boots, but I just snagged these adorable slide sandals for my Hawaii trip and I can’t stop wearing them. They’ve been perfect to throw on in this heat wave. They’re $30 at Nordstrom and SO comfy!

4 // Ruffle Plaid Shirt

I know it’s not even Halloween yet, but this adorable ruffle plaid shirt is getting me excited for the holidays! It also comes in red, which I’m totally obsessed with.

5 // Collagen Tips

I’ve been pretty into collagen lately (although I’ve forgotten about it a bit the past couple of weeks, oops!), but still felt like I didn’t really know enough about it. This article gives a quick little guide to collagen, which is perfect to read before trying it out yourself!



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