This and That No. 38

September 15, 2017

It’s Friday!!! Since last week was a short week due to Labor Day, this week felt really long. Anyone else feel the same? Although, yesterday at work was pajama day, which was definitely the highlight of my week, haha. This week I’ve been really trying to get back into reading. I feel like I was doing so good at the beginning of summer and have hardly picked up a book the past month!

As for this weekend, I have nothing planned, yay! I’m just going to help my mom with anything she needs for my dad’s party (can’t believe it’s already next weekend), read a lot, and hopefully figure out my party outfit. It’s also my dad’s birthday, so we’ll do something to celebrate, but we’re keeping it low key since he’s going to have his giant party in a week. I hope you guys have a relaxing weekend!

1 // Hearth and Hand at Target

This week, Target introduced a new line of products from Joanna and Chip Gaines (who I am just obsessed with). The line is going to include home decor items ranging from gifts, kitchenware, and more. Needless to say, I cannot wait to check it out and scoop up a piece or two! It all comes out on November 5th.

2 //  New Tiger Cubs at San Diego Zoo

I don’t know if you heard about it on the news, but a few weeks ago a tiger cub was rescued from a man trying to smuggle him across the Mexican border near San Diego. Well, now he has a friend! The National Zoo sent another tiger cub to San Diego so the two cubs can grow up together. Isn’t that the cutest?! The pictures will make your heart melt. Definitely need to go to the zoo soon to see these little guys!

3 // Alaina Kaczmarski’s Home Tour

Alaina is one of the cofounders of one of my all time favorite websites, the Everygirl. She just posted her home tour and oh my goodness. Her Chicago home is STUNNING. The before and after photos are crazy! If you need a good dose of home inspo, you have to check this out.

4 // $32 J.Crew Top

This is not a drill. This adorable bell sleeve top is only $32 (full price!). I ordered it in the natural color and I’m so excited for it to get here. It’s going to be the perfect lightweight fall top and I’m obsessed with the sleeves!

5 // Sunday Morning Buns

I’ve been really craving cinnamon rolls lately, so I basically had to wipe the drool off my screen when I saw this recipe for Sunday Morning Buns. How good do these sound on a chilly fall Sunday morning with a cup of coffee?! Not sure if I’m ambitious enough to whip these up this weekend, but you never know. 😉



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