This and That No. 35

August 25, 2017

Fri-yay is finally here! This whole week I was a day behind, and kept thinking it was one day ahead. I pretty much woke up yesterday thinking it was Friday, ugh haha. But, Friday is finally here. Today is Dave’s birthday surprise and I cannot wait! Follow along on Insta-stories this afternoon to see what it is. 🙂

1 // Taylor Swift’s New Song

If you’re a TS fan, I’m sure you spent the week on edge, waiting for her new single to drop. Well, it’s here! It came out last night– you can listen to it on Spotify or here on Youtube. I think the snake theme is pretty hilarious and clever (classic Taylor Swift), and I think the song is pretty good. It wasn’t like OMG amazing, but I feel like I’ll grow to love it once I listen to it a few times. What do you guys think?

2 // L.L. Bean Boat and Tote

I finally got my first L.L. Bean boat and tote! I had wanted one for a while but never pulled the trigger (not sure why as they are only $30, a bit more with the monogramming). I have to say, this bag seems basically indestructible and is so well made. It’ll be perfect to use as a carry on, beach bag, or just for schlepping stuff around on busy days. It totally lives up to the hype!

3 // 18 Places to Visit in Oceanside

I live in South Oceanside (right on the border of Carlsbad) and although I had my doubts about the Oceanside area, there are some really cool spots. I recently went to Bagby Brewery and loved it! If you’re looking for a reason to come check out Oceanside, here are 18 cool spots. I need to start making my way through the list!

4 // Cutest Striped Sweater

I know it’s not sweater weather yet (it won’t be until like…December), but how cute is this striped sweater from J. Crew Factory?! It has the most adorable ruffle cuff detail and I’m obsessed. And it’s only $35. I’m telling myself I don’t need it and that I won’t be able to wear it for months, but I might have to get it…

Have an awesome weekend!



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