This and That No. 32

August 4, 2017

Friday is finally here! It’s slightly bittersweet, though. I’m excited because this weekend my parents and I are heading up to LA for a quick weekend getaway. We’re staying in downtown LA, which is a completely new area to me. I’ve been to LA a million times, but I feel like I haven’t really explored downtown, Echo Park, Melrose, and areas around there. Plus, the hotel we’re staying at has a pretty sweet rooftop pool which I cannot wait for!!

The bittersweet part is that Dave leaves today for a 2 week work trip in Florida. It’s always hard saying goodbye, even if it’s only for a couple of weeks. Last year he was gone for 5 weeks which was really hard, so 2 weeks is hopefully going to fly by!

P.S. I miss peony season so much! I didn’t really take any good snaps this week, so this throwback of my peonies will have to do. 😉

1 // Tiny House Goals

HGTV is one of my biggest obsessions. I love watching any show involving tiny houses because it seriously blows my mind. I mean…100 square feet?! NO WAY. But, this little cottage could sway me. It’s tiny but is actually livable, like a small studio! What do you guys think? Could you go tiny?!

2 // New Agendas

There’s nothing better than a fresh new agenda, am I right? always has the cutest ones and they just came out with their new designs. I’m sad because my agenda goes through January so I technically don’t need one. If anyone else is looking for a new one, please get one!!

3 // 3 Days in LA

I’ve yet to find a great LA travel guide…until I found this one from Conde Nast. I love how in depth it is. I’ll be following along and hitting up hopefully a few of these spots this weekend! If you’ve never been to LA, this is an amazing travel guide to start with. It pretty much covers everything in a short amount of time, which is really hard to do in LA!

Keeping it short and sweet this week because I have to get going (trying to beat traffic!), but I hope all you have an amazing weekend!



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