This and That No. 29

June 30, 2017

What a week. I feel like I went into this week feeling a little frazzled and tired, and it just got worse as the week went on. Nothing particularly bad happened, it was just a case of feeling overwhelmed, overtired, and basically just meh. You know what I mean? To really end the week on a high note, I broke a bottle of red nail polish all over my bathroom and had a full blown meltdown last night. OOPS. *facepalm* But hey, at least today is Friday, right?! I’m so ready to put this week in the past and focus on this weekend and next week. This weekend is going to be full of friends and family, next week I won’t be in the office very much, AND one of my best friends is getting married. So many good things to smile about!!

Also, my bar cart is almost finished which I’m particularly excited about. I printed out one of my favorite shots from our Europe trip and it has a very Gray Malin esque vibe that I LOVE. But it’s even better because it has meaning behind it! Stay tuned for a full reveal of the space. 🙂

1 // The Perfect Shirtdress

YOU GUYS. I finally found the freaking perfect shirtdress!!! I hadn’t been on J.Crew Factory’s site in a few days, and the first thing I see after scrolling for 5 seconds is this adorable shirt dress. UM, yes please!!! Finally a shirt dress that is cute, classic, and not outrageously expensive!

2 // Ina Garten’s Flag Cake

If you’re not making Ina Garten’s Flag Cake for the Fourth of July, does it even count as the Fourth of July?!? Honestly, I’ve never actually made this cake but I’ve always wanted to. Maybe this will be the year! Also, here’s 10 Ina Garten quotes that you need in your life.

3 // Croissant Shortage

I know this story is a couple weeks old, but I hadn’t seen it until this week. Um, apparently there is a butter shortage in France AKA a potential croissant shortage. France also might be running out of Camembert cheese. Excuse me while I’m over here panicking about the state of the world!!

4  // Ashley Brooke Designs Giveaway

I feel like I would be a bad friend if I didn’t tell you about this amazing giveaway! Girlboss and blogger Ashley Brooke (she’s seriously the cutest and has THE cutest shop/designs) is having a HUGE giveaway right now with so many fun summer goodies. Enter to win here!

5 // Baseball Dog

This video of a golden retriever bringing water to baseball players is definitely the cutest thing I’ve seen all week. Or maybe ever. He’s just so happy doing his job!!



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