This and That No. 28

June 23, 2017

Happy Friday, you guys!! We made it! I’m in love with this shot I took of the ferris wheel at the fair last weekend. It just looks like summer, which is appropriate since the first day of summer was this week!

As I mentioned before, tonight I’m hopping on a quick flight to SF to reunite with my girlfriends from college and I’m so excited I can hardly stand it. This little trip was pretty impromptu which makes it even more exciting (especially considering I typically plan things out way in advance)! As always, be sure to follow along on Insta-stories for some fun snaps of my weekend!

1 // Finding Gobi

So I heard about this amazing story on the radio this morning and HAD to share. An ultramarathoner was running a 7 day long marathon in the Gobi Desert (which I mean…whoa) and he kept seeing this little stray dog around camp. Then the dog actually starts running with him for over 30 miles!!! Basically that’s when he knew it was fate with the dog and went on a mission to take her home with him. Read the fully story here. It’s just the sweetest thing ever!!

2 // Round Straw Bag

So my obsession with straw bags knows no limits. I picked this adorable one up from Etsy and I love it! Seriously though, how cute is the round style for summer?! It will look SO adorable with a sundress and sandals!

3 // Princess Diana Style

Loved this slideshow and tribute to Princess Diana’s style– she was such an icon. If you’re in a style rut, you need to check out all her amazing looks for some style inspiration!

4 // New Game of Thrones Trailer

I’m assuming most GOT fans will have seen this by now, buuuut just in case I had to share. A new trailer for the final season was released this week and I’m SO excited for it to start! This will be my first (and last, ha) time watching the series in “real time” since I just finished watching a couple of months ago. Winter is coming!!!

5 // Design Darling Nantucket Story

One of my favorite bloggers shared such a sweet story about her family history on Nantucket. I love stories like this, and I think it’s SO cool that her family’s connection with the island dates back to the late 1800’s. I mean, how incredible is that?! (Also, side note, I still really need to go to Nantucket!!)

Have a great weekend!!



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