This and That No. 27

June 16, 2017


I bought some peonies last week and they are seriously EVERYTHING. I almost didn’t think they were going to open up and then….voila! They’ve seriously lasted over a week and are still going strong. Peony season, please don’t ever go away!!

I’m super excited for Friday because we’re going to the fair tonight. The Del Mar Fair (or I guess the San Diego County Fair as it’s called now) always kicks off the summer for me and is something I look forward to every year. Even though I’ve been on a healthy eating kick (my bestie’s wedding is only a couple weeks away and I’m determined to tone up a bit before then!), it’s not going to stop me from eating at the fair. I mean, it’s pretty much the whole point– I can’t wait for a corn dog…and some kettle corn…and a cinnamon roll!! Follow along on Insta-stories to see all of our adventures!

1 // South of France

I’ve been LIVING for Julia Engel’s Instagrams from her trip to the South of France! I’m sure you guys all follow her, but if you don’t….you need to. I mean, how dreamy is their breakfast table in Provence? I’m basically drooling over the croissants, bread, and pretty much everything. I’m pretty much already planning a trip to the South of France (Dave, if you’re reading, it’s happening haha)!

2 // Veep

Dave and I started watching Veep last week and we are obsessed. I can’t remember the last time I laughed so hard at a show!! I also love that they’re 30 minute episodes so you’re not committing your whole life to an hour long show. Seriously though, if you need a new *hilarious* show, watch Veep! Now I know why Julia Louis-Dreyfus has won the Emmy like every year– she’s amazing in it.

3 // How to Cook Salmon

Although I consider myself a pretty decent cook, salmon is something I’ve only made once or twice. It’s one of my favorite foods, but for some reason it just intimidated me. I bought some frozen salmon at TJ’s last week (it’s very inexpensive, btw) and started looking up the best ways to cook it. I came across the NYT Cooking page on how to cook salmon and was AMAZED.  They literally tell you every single thing you need to know about each way to cook it. It was so helpful!!

4 // Ruffle Skirt

I’ve been obsessing over ruffled skirts for a while now, specifically this one from J.Crew, but it felt a little too trendy to pull the trigger on for over $100! This option from ASOS is SO adorable, basically identical and is only $40. And it’s blush pink. I mean, it doesn’t get better!!

5 // Designlovefest Patio Makeover

How freaking amazing is Bri from Designlovefest‘s patio reveal?!? I mean, it’s a total California boho-chic dream! And how stunning is that tile?! I’m seriously in love. If you’re looking for some summer patio inspo, definitely check it out!



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