This and That No. 26

June 9, 2017

Happy Friday, ya’ll! I feel like I blinked and it’s Friday. One of my best friends had her birthday dinner last night (more on the dinner below) so it was a really nice way to break up the week since it was on a Thursday. It was like starting the weekend a little early! This weekend I want to get some relaxing time in and hopefully start one of the new books on my dresser. I’m thinking I’ll start The Singles Game— have any of you read it? On Sunday Dave and I are heading up to LA to celebrate his mom’s birthday with his family and I get to meet his sister’s new twin babies! I hope you guys all have a great weekend!

1 // Chef’s Table

My roommate and I started watching Chef’s Table on Netflix and we’re already finished with the first season! It’s SO good! Each episode dives deep into the life of a famous chef, and it’s seriously so fascinating. I’m a total foodie but this show takes things to a whole other level. Perfect for binging this weekend!

2 // Lauren Conrad Swimwear

One of my favorites, Lauren Conrad, just launched her first swimwear line, and let me tell you– it is GOOD. There are so many cute (and super affordable!) pieces I want to get my hands on! Now I just need a beach vacay to wear them on! See it all here.

3 // Bucket List Train Trips

This one is for you, Dave (he’s very obsessed with trains!). Seriously though, how incredible do all of these train trips look?! A train trip through Switzerland was already on my bucket list, but now I want to do all of these!

 4 // Cow By Bear

The birthday dinner I mentioned above was at Cow by Bear. If you’re local and don’t know what it is, don’t worry– I didn’t either until my friend told me it was what we were doing. Basically it’s a “dinner party experience experiment” held in various locations around the city by an anonymous chef who wears a bear costume. I know it sounds crazy, but it was THE best experience ever! The food, the atmosphere, the cocktails…everything was seriously incredible. If you’re in San Diego and looking for a super special once in a lifetime type evening, I can’t recommend it enough!!! He’s booked out way in advance so I’d suggest booking ASAP!

5 // Tom Cruise and James Corden

I personally think James Corden is hilarious– I basically die laughing at all of his carpool karaoke videos. In this video, he surprises Tom Cruise in London with a cruise on the Thames where they end up singing “You’ve lost that loving feeling”. The video is funny but honestly the best part is when they sing! If you want to skip ahead to that part, it starts at 7:00. For any Top Gun lovers out there, you have to watch!



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