This and That No. 24

May 19, 2017

Friday is here, you guys!!! We made it!

How cute is this doormat?! There’s a major pineapple theme going on in our apartment, and I’m kind of loving it. This weekend Dave and I are running the Coronado Bridge 5k on Sunday. We ran it last year and it was so fun! This year we’re running it with one of my good friends. I’m excited but also dreading it, haha– running over the bridge is no joke. The uphill portion of the bridge feels like it goes on FOREVER! The views are amazing though and it’s a really cool experience, so it’s totally worth being a bit out of breath! Other than I’m also looking forward to some chill time at the apartment, since I feel like I’m never there on the weekends. I’m using this weekend to rest and recharge before I head off to a bachelorette party next weekend! Hope you guys have a good one! 🙂

1 // Palm leaf pillow

Home decor has taken over my life. And I love it. We finally got some new throw pillows in the other day and they are perfect, but we definitely needed at least a few more. I immediately hopped online and found a bunch I loved! One I knew I wanted was this palm leaf pillow. I mean, how cute?!? Major Beverly Hills Hotel vibes!

2 // J.Crew new arrivals

I just flipped through the J.Crew summer catalog yesterday and just about died. I want/need/have to have everything!! Their new arrivals are SO GOOD. I mean, this gingham dress? These pineapple earrings?!?!? Be still, my heart!!

3 // Big Little Lies

We just started watching Big Little Lies and I’m loving it! I read the book and I’m OBSESSED. I know the book and show are a bit different but I really like the way they adapted it! And I love the dreamy Monterey/Big Sur location! So excited to get a few more episodes in this weekend. If you haven’t read the book, do it!

4 // Bachelorette contestants

I don’t know when it happened (okay, it was Jojo’s season) but I’m now a Bachelor/Bachelorette fan. I never thought I would be, but here I am. Crazy how life works, am I right?!! Haha 😉 The contestants were just announced for the new season with Lindsay, and their bios are hilarious. Here’s the best and the worst from the new contestants!

5 // Rosé Aperol Spritz

When traveling through Italy, I definitely had my fair share of Aperol Spritzes! They are so light and refreshing, and I mean, when in Rome, right?! I haven’t created the drink at home before, but this rosé version might have to happen on a hot weekend this summer!  Yum!





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  • I love your obsession with gingham dresses! From the picture in your about me to the look you admire in JCrew’s catalog. I purchased one the other day and am very happy I did!

    Much love,
    Ashley |

    • Awww thanks! Gingham is definitely my obsession, haha. I’m sure you’ll wear your new dress SO much!!

  • Big Little Lies is so good! I need to finish up the season, I really hope they come back for another season. I haven’t read the book, does the miniseries do justice to the book?

    -Priya /

    • Right?! I love it!! Oh you should definitely read the book– it’s AMAZING! I liked the book better for sure, but the series does it justice for sure 🙂