This and That No. 19

April 14, 2017

Let’s just say, thank goodness this week was a short one for me.

Coming back to work after a vacation is seriously hard, I’m not going to lie! This whole week I’ve basically just been dreaming about laying on the beach in Cabo while I’m stuck inside the office. I’ve been busy, which has helped the time go by quickly, but still. Luckily, I’ve got some fun events and weekends planned in the next month so I’ve got a lot to look forward to. 🙂 And hopefully we’ll start planning our next trip soon!

This weekend is going to be super low key. I’m recruiting Dave to help me with a few more projects for the apartment (hanging the shelves over my desk, etc) so I’m hoping my room feels a bit more put together. We’re going to have Easter brunch with my family in La Jolla, and I’m hoping to sneak in a beach walk and maybe some Mexican food in at some point (I know I just only ate Mexican food for like 4 straight days but hey, I’m obsessed). Hope you all have a good one!

1 // Big Little Lies

I feel like Big Little Lies– the show and book- is all anyone has been talking about these days! I brought the book along with me to Cabo and basically devoured it in a matter of hours. It was SO good! If you’re looking for a juicy read, this is it! I’m anxious to watch the show, though, because people are saying that it’s completely different than the book. Should I watch it?!

2 // The Perfect Spring Dress

I found it. I found the perfect spring dress! It’s gingham (of course), has the cutest halter neckline, is off the shoulder AND has ruffle details. I meaaaan. Does it get cuter than this dress?! Plus, it’s only $46! I need this dress. We all need this dress.

3 // Japan

I feel like SO many bloggers and people I know are in or have visited Japan in the past month! Some of my favorite bloggers Stacie, Emily, and Amber have all visited recently and I’m SO inspired by their posts. Admittedly, Japan has never been very high on my travel list (there are just SO many places I want to see!) but after seeing the stunning photos of the cherry blossoms in bloom and of the incredible food (hello, ramen!!), I might have to make Japan happen in the future.

4 // Ice Roller

I recently got an ice roller (a la The Skinny Confidential) and I am OBSESSED. Recently I’ve been waking up and my face has been feeling really puffy. I think it might be my allergies or sleeping weird or something, but the ice roller has done wonders for me. I use it every morning and it wakes me up, reduces puffiness and redness, makes my skin tighter, and overall just makes me feel refreshed. Like, I look forward to using it every morning! I’ve also been using it when I’m hungover (thanks to lots of tequila in Mexico…), and for my migraines, and it’s a godsend. Read more about the benefits here!

5 // Sheet Pan Cleaning Hack

YOU GUYS. My sheet pans are disgusting. I mean of course I wash them, but you can just never get that weird brown stuff off that’s just kinda stuck on there. I scrub and scrub them but some of it just doesn’t come off. It’s so annoying (and sort of gross). Well, here’s the answer. Super random, I know, but I’ve been wondering about this for a while now!!




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