This and That No. 18

April 7, 2017

If you’re reading this, we’re en route to Cabo! Woooooo!

I’m so excited I can’t stand it. This girl needs a margarita, stat!! This week was a pretty busy one. I stayed in the apartment for the first time, ran tons and tons of errands, and did lots of last minute things before the trip. The apartment is really coming together! The snap above is the hat wall in my room. It’s the only place in my room that isn’t a complete disaster zone, haha (but the rest of the apartment looks pretty good)! Can’t wait to share more as it progresses. 🙂 We ended the short week at our favorite sushi spot with my parents last night (Sushi Deli for any locals out there!) and a trip to Barnes and Noble to grab a couple books for the trip. See you when we’re back in the states!

1 // Pink sandals

So I just snagged these darling pink sandals (thanks to an old Xmas gift card, yay) from Nordstrom for only $50. You guys, these are SO cute and such a great price! They also come in the cutest powder blue, tan, and black. They are the sandal I’m going to reach for all summer long!

2 // Healthy freezer options

I always like to have lots of items in the freezer for those moments when you need a healthy meal in a pinch, or when you haven’t grocery shopped in a while. This list of healthy freezer items is SO helpful!

3 // National Burrito Day

Apparently yesterday was National Burrito Day, and unfortunately I didn’t celebrate. I know, I know. It’s quite the travesty. I figure since I’m going to be consuming my weight in Mexican food this weekend that I’m probably good? Anyways, here’s a list of the top 9 burritos in San Diego. I’ve tried most of them! My top 3 are El Azteca (always has been and will be my fave), Taco Surf, and Colimas.

4 // Easter cookies

Okay, as usual Martha Stewart is killing the Easter game. I mean. How FREAKING adorable are these chick cookies for Easter?! They are almost too cute to eat (almost)!

5 // Perfect spring blouse

UGH, this white ruffle hem blouse from Tuckernuck is seriously too cute. It’s basically the perfect spring blouse, in my book! The best part: it’s under $100. It’s so perfect for dressing up or down!!



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