This and That No. 16

March 24, 2017

It’s Friday, ya’ll!

Everyone take a deep breath and really take it in. Ahhhhhh yes. There was a lot going on this week! The main thing being getting approved and getting my keys to my new apartment. YAY! I’m so happy that everything is done and now I can finally start moving in. This weekend is going to be jam packed with moving (which is never pleasant) but I’m so excited to be done with the apartment searching process that I would take moving over waiting for another application to be approved. I’ll keep you posted on the move over on my Instagram stories this weekend so be sure and follow along for sneak peeks of the apartment!

Here’s what I’ve been into this week!

1 // Collagen

My fair skin has seen a lot of the sun in my lifetime, so I feel like I should start some preventative anti-aging measures now. I know I shouldn’t be worried about wrinkles now, but I feel like I might as well try and prevent them from happening in the future and keep my skin as healthy as possible! I’ve been reading up on collagen and all its amazing benefits and I’m thinking about adding it into my diet. It prevents aging, improves digestion, and strengthens hair and nails. I mean, I’m in! Do you guys take collagen? I’d love to know!

2 // Gingham blazer

Okay, okay. You’re probably thinking I’m a psycho with all my gingham lately but I just can’t help it! It’s a true addiction, you guys. But is this gingham blazer not the cutest thing you’ve ever laid your eyes on? I mean….after seeing it on Krista, I put it on my wish list immediately. It’s a bit out of the budget right now (thanks a lot, rent) but hey a girl can dream, right?!

3 // 10 minute meditation

I’ve been trying to incorporate meditation into my daily routine, whether its in the car while sitting in traffic or right when I get up in the morning, but its definitely a challenge. Most days I forget entirely. I want to really make it a habit, so when I came across this 10 minute meditation I thought it would be perfect. I love that its simple, but still provides a guideline of sorts so that its easier to focus!

4 // Lettuce wrapped

Lately I’ve been very into low carb meals during the week. Just because…why not? I feel like I was just constantly eating carbs at every meal but they weren’t super necessary. I’d rather save my carbs for the good stuff like an amazing breakfast sandwich or pizza on the weekends! And honestly, I’ve been feeling SO much better without them. I’ve been making tons of zoodles, and now I’m getting into lettuce wrapped stuff. We’ve been doing protein style burgers a lot, but I’m loving all these other ideas for lettuce wrapped meals!

5 // The cutest Easter eggs

Believe it or not, but Easter is right around the corner! I’m seriously obsessed with these adorable printed eggs from none other than Martha. Let’s be real, I’ll probably just buy the dying kit at Target and call it a day, but I LOVE the idea of these!!

Have an amazing weekend!



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