This and That No. 11

February 17, 2017

Another whirlwind week in the books! This week was made even more hectic because I’ve been catsitting, so I’ve had to pack up even more than usual. For a girl who craves and thrives off of routine, my life has been anything but routine lately! I’m SO looking forward to this weekend though– one of my best friends is coming to town, we’re having a family brunch with my cousins, and I’m going to my first calligraphy workshop(!!). Have a great one!

1 // Calligraphy workshop

You guys, I don’t think I’ve been so excited for an event in a long time! I’ve always loved writing (English major heyyyy), but also like, actually writing. In school, my notes were always beautifully written, and my doodles were always attempts at hand lettering. It’s one of those things that I’ve loved but never really learned, and I’m SO excited to finally give it a try. The workshop is at my favorite store, Pigment. For you local ladies, there might be spots left!

2 // Healthy chain restaurant food options

Because sometimes there’s no way around fast chain restaurant food, I loved this round up of the healthiest items to order at your fave fast food joints (aka Chipotle and Panera).

3 // Pom pom clutch

I’m borderline obsessed with straw bags and clutches, and when I saw this one on Amazon of all places, I just about died. Seriously. I mean–those pom poms! Be still my heart! Oh, and it’s under $40. COME ON. Amazon, you saucy minx…I had no idea they had pieces like this!!

4 // Pink heels

I’ve definitely got spring on the brain, and I’m wanting all the colorful things lately. I’ve been so obsessed with my pink flats that I’ve been thinking about adding a great pair of pink heels to my wardrobe. When I saw this pair, it was love at first sight! The low, chunky heel is my favorite and makes them super wearable. Might have to take the plunge soon…

5 // Quick 30 minute recipes

The biggest struggle I have with cooking is the time. I love this list of 5 easy to make dinners that take 30 minutes or less. They look SO good, and I can’t wait to try a few of them next week!



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