Think Pink

January 18, 2017

I don’t know if it’s Valentine’s Day coming up or what, but I am obsessed with everything pink lately. I mean, pink has always been one of my favorite colors, but for some reason right now I literally only want to buy alllllllllll the pink things!! I already snagged this sweater and these flats because they are both on sale for under $40. And I mean, how could I not?! Maybe since I’ve been so stressed out lately I’m gravitating towards pink because it’s so fun and happy. Or maybe it’s because it’s been so rainy and gloomy lately (and we’re gearing up for 5 straight days of rain this week) and I need some color in my life. Whatever the reason, I’m all for it! I think we could all use a little more pink in our lives. Just call me Elle Woods over here! 😉 Here are all the pink pieces I’ve been obsessing over these days. It’s the perfect time to stock up and get excited for Valentine’s Day next month!

Pink Crossbody (under $100!) // Tassel Earrings (I’ve literally been wanting these FOREVER)

Flamingo Card // Lace Pants // Chunky Heels

Pink Lipstick // Bikini (under $30!!!) // Sweater

Pointed Flats // Mug (I mean…how cute is this?!)



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