Thank You Cards

July 22, 2016

When was the last time you received a thank you card?

Not a thank you text or a thank you email, but an actual written card in the mail?

I hate to say it, but for most of us this is a rare occasion these days. I’ve always loved writing thank you cards and notes, so it makes me sad to think they’re becoming obsolete. A handwritten thank you note always makes you feel special, and even more so nowadays since no one sends them anymore! Whether it’s for a gift you received, thanking your party guests, or simply thanking someone for something nice they did, you can never go wrong with a thank you note. I also love writing a handwritten thank you to thank someone after a job interview! While it might seem outdated, most people will be shocked (in a good way!) and will appreciate the time and effort you put in. I’ve done this a couple of times, and even if I didn’t get the job, I’ve made great connections because people were so impressed by my thank you note! Basically, it can’t hurt. 😉 In my opinion, a personalized thank you will always win over an email. So, let’s bring them back!

I rounded up some of my favorite thank you cards to get you started! I may or may not have a slight obsession with stationery/paper goods, so this was tough for me to choose. There are so many options out there, but my absolute faves are linked for you below:

1. Target // 2. Rifle Paper Co.

3. Sugar Paper // 4. Sugar Paper

5. Rifle Paper Co. // 6. Paper Source

Which one is your favorite?



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