August 15, 2013

I don’t know about you, but I have a ton of hair accessories and no idea where to store them. Normally I end up shoving them in a drawer and I end up completely forgetting about them! I’ve been so frustrated lately that I wound up on Pinterest (as usual) searching for ideas. A lot of them ended up being ideas for young girls…. oops. Apparently I’m 8 years old. Everyone has headbands though, right? …..well, for those who do, here are a couple of cute ideas for storing your headbands, bows, and flowers!

Classic and chic.

This one is too little-girly, but I like the concept.

This one combines jewelry storage as well, and I love the vintage wood frame.

Happy organizing!



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  • I need to jump on pinterest and find some inspiration in organising my jewellery too! I have all my jewellery sitting away in closed boxes and it isn’t very appealing… Although one of the boxes has nice leafy designs? Oh but that is nothing compared to the amazing pictures you put up! 🙁

    • seventeendresses

      Aw thanks! Pinterest has tons of great ideas to get you inspired… just search and find a few concepts you like. Once you have all your accessories out and organized you’ll be much more inclined to wear everything! Good luck 🙂

      • I think I will too because right now, I hardly wear jewellery because it’s all stored away in a box. Thanks for the help! What’s your Pinterest username if you dont mind me asking? 😀

  • seventeendresses

    No problem! 🙂 My pinterest is dev17.