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Travel Wish List 2017

February 2, 2017

After doing so much traveling last year, I’m super inspired to continue the trend this year! I’ve had the travel bug since I was little, but the past couple of years it’s hit me hard. All I want to do these days is plan out another trip! I think it’s super important to keep trips on the books, even if it’s a short weekend trip to the next town or a staycation at home, just to have something to look forward…

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How to Travel on a Budget

January 24, 2017

When Dave and I decided to go to Europe for a month last year, the first thing I thought was…wait, can I even afford this?! While a month long trip is a stretch on any budget, we saved money where we could and the entire trip ended up costing way less than we thought. It took lots of planning and a little bit of compromise (okay, maybe a lot sometimes), but we made it work and it ended up being the…

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Murano and Burano

January 20, 2017

Just going to warn you now that this post is a little photo heavy, so you might want to settle in with a cup of coffee for this one. 😉 One of the things we were most excited to do in Venice was to see the islands of Murano and Burano. Murano is the home of Murano glass, and Burano is known for its lacemaking and colorful houses. We were told that you could see the glass blowers in their studios…

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Exploring Venice

January 12, 2017

As I mentioned in my last Venice post, we absolutely fell in love with the city! We had so much fun getting lost and finding cool spots around every corner. Every time we walked over a bridge (and there are like, a million) we would stop and take photos. It just never got old! We would be convinced that we found the prettiest view ever, and then we would find another one that would amaze us. Even thought it’s touristy, it’s…

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