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This and That No. 43

October 27, 2017

I’m so relieved it’s Friday! I love going away for the weekend, but it always makes the week after a little bit tough. I’ve been a little bit sluggish this week, that’s for sure! I’m looking forward to a low-key and restful weekend. Part of me is bummed that I don’t really have Halloween plans, but the other part of me is looking forward to just staying in and catching up on sleep (grandma status, woops). Also, we leave for…

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This and That No. 41

October 6, 2017

TGIF! This week has just been pretty “meh” for me. Nothing too exciting happened. I pretty much just kept my head down and got a ton of work done. I was pretty darn productive, though! I swear this week was so much more productive because I spent Sunday getting ready for the week. I hadn’t had time at home on a Sunday in a while (between travel and spending time at Dave’s place down south), so I need to try…

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This and That No. 34

August 18, 2017

Happy Friday, friends! I hope you all had a great week. I don’t know about you guys, but it feels like this week FLEW by at lightning speed. I’ve got a lot on my plate at the moment and I’ve pretty much been busy every minute of the day! The upside to being super busy is that time goes by quickly. I’m extra excited for this weekend because Dave gets home from his two week work trip tomorrow, AND it’s…

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This and That No. 33

August 11, 2017

Hi guys and happy happy Friday! This week went by crazy fast for me– anyone else feel the same?! I’ve had a lot on my plate this week and I’m looking forward to a relaxing weekend. Otherwise nothing super exciting to update you on in my world! 1 // Homemade Caesar Dressing I’ve been on a salad kick lately and I’ve been making this healthy Caesar dressing a bunch. My mom always makes it but for some reason I never…

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