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San Francisco Packing List

June 21, 2017

Sorry for the late post tonight! It’s 8pm and the first time I’ve really gotten to sit down and take a breather today. At least the week is going by quickly and I’m feeling pretty darn productive if I do say so myself, haha. Dave came up tonight and we went suit shopping for my bestie’s wedding we’re attending in a couple of weeks. He looked so sharp! I can’t wait to go to our first wedding together. 🙂 On…

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Cabo Packing List

April 6, 2017

We’re leaving for Cabo TOMORROW! I’m so excited I’m practically bursting. I haven’t had a chill, do nothing type of vacation in so long. I mean, our Europe trip was amazing, but it was a whole lot of planes, trains, and automobiles with nonstop running around. I can’t wait to actually relax a little bit, lay by the pool, and drink Corona Lights and margaritas all day. Oh, and eat allllll the chips and guacamole. And tacos. And ceviche. I’m…

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Carry On Essentials

October 20, 2016

Another hard part of packing for a long trip (or any trip) is what to pack in your carry on. Over the years, I’ve gotten a system down with my go-to products that I have to have on flights. There are certain things that are just SO nice to have with you in your carry on, like most of your toiletries, tissues, gum, etc. There’s nothing worse than being stuck on a long flight and forgetting an essential product! These are all…

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What I’m Packing for a Month in Europe

October 18, 2016

One of my biggest challenges with planning this trip has been what the heck I’m going to pack. If we were going in the summer, it would be no problem. Throw in some shorts and dresses and you’re good to go. But we’re going deep in the fall, with temperatures only getting colder the further we go on the trip. Being a Southern California girl, I am SO excited at the thought of experiencing a real fall this year…but at…

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