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What I’m Looking Forward to in November

November 1, 2017

It’s kind of freaking me out that November is here already. I know I say all the time that the year has been flying by, but I mean…there are 8 more Mondays until Christmas. That is CRAZY. I’m definitely not complaining, because November means that the holiday season is almost upon us! Also, this month is jam packed with tons of travel and I can’t wait. Here’s what I’m looking forward to this month… 1. HAWAII! We leave for Hawaii…

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Mastering the “half-tuck”

November 9, 2013

We’ve all been there. There’s always that one blouse that is a bit too long that poses the question: to tuck in, or not to tuck in? Your first instinct is to tuck it in, but this ends up feeling too stuffy. On the other hand, if you just let it all hang out it will look like an awkward tunic mess. What to do? Here is where the”half-tuck” comes into play, which is supposed to look effortlessly, messily cool.…

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