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What I’ve Learned Since Graduating College

May 15, 2017

I honestly cannot believe that it’s been nearly 3 years since I put on my cap and gown and received my college diploma. I feel like it was yesterday. College was 100% the most amazing time of my life, and my years at Cal Poly SLO (go Mustangs!) were truly the best. I made lifelong friends, learned about a million life lessons, and really found myself (as cheesy as that sounds, it’s true). Now that I’ve been out of college for…

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How to Plan a Big Trip

March 16, 2017

Planning a trip for anything longer than a week can seem pretty daunting! When Dave and I decided to do Europe for a month, I definitely didn’t know what I was in for. I knew I was pretty good at planning weekend trips, but a whole month?! In 10 different cities?! Daunting to say the least. Even though we definitely could have been more prepared (remember the whole Italian driving nightmare?), I feel like we did pretty well. For the…

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Dealing with Early Mornings

March 9, 2017

Happy Friday eve! We’re so close to the weekend I can taste it. I’ve been having a really great week and I’m so happy to be going into the weekend on a high note! So right now, my commute is SUPER long. Like we’re talking at least an hour, usually more like an hour and 20-30 minutes. Mornings aren’t as bad, but it’s still about 50 minutes! A long commute makes for an even earlier wake up time. Now, I…

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How to Travel on a Budget

January 24, 2017

When Dave and I decided to go to Europe for a month last year, the first thing I thought was…wait, can I even afford this?! While a month long trip is a stretch on any budget, we saved money where we could and the entire trip ended up costing way less than we thought. It took lots of planning and a little bit of compromise (okay, maybe a lot sometimes), but we made it work and it ended up being the…

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