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Favorite Purchases of 2017

January 4, 2018

Happy Friday eve! I know this week is a short week, but it feels pretty darn long to me. Anyone else?! I’m doing everything I can to get through the week. It’s weird, because part of me is super motivated and ready to take on the new year, and the other part of me just wants to curl up on my sofa and eat cookies. The post-holiday blues are strong! 2017 was a year of great purchases! There are a…

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2017 Highlights

December 27, 2017

What a year. This year is ending completely, 100% different than how it started out. When it started, I was panicking about not having a job and desperate to move out of my parents house. Almost a year later and I have a job (technically two jobs!), and a great apartment with a roommate I love. It’s crazy what can happen in a year. The year started off a little rocky with my job search and feeling like I was…

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2017 Fitness Goals

January 10, 2017

I have a total love-hate relationship with fitness. Sometimes I’ll go through a phase where I’m a total fitness freak and work out 5x a week, only eating smoothies and salads. Other times, I’ll go for weeks (or months, let’s be real) without working out, and eating pretty much whatever I feel like. I’m hoping that this year I can find a healthy balance between the two! I’m happy to say that I kicked off the new year strong by working…

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2017 New Year’s Resolutions

January 2, 2017

Happy New Year!! I am so excited and ready to kiss 2016 goodbye and focus on a new year. I’ll admit that 2016 was just not my year. I learned a lot, but it was pretty rough. There were a lot of tears, I’m not going to lie! Life is a series of peaks and valleys, and I think last year was a valley and this year is definitely going to be a peak. I’m also hoping 2017 is going…

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