Spend or Save

October 8, 2013
Spend or Save
Spend or save?
I think the answer is pretty obvious in this situation. Very few people can drop $4,000 on a jacket. You could pay for a used car for that kind of money, for God’s sake. However, I chose both of these jackets because of how extremely similar they are. Aside from the belt on the bottom of the H&M version, these two jackets are basically the same, which makes it the clear winner here.
That being said, I think that a quality leather jacket is something that everyone should invest in. It is the kind of piece that you will have in your closet for years to come, and that you can wear on numerous occasions. Unfortunately on a college budget, it’s a bit difficult to indulge in investment pieces (or cheap pieces for that matter, if I’m being honest). So, H&M wins!

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