Pom Pom Sandal DIY

April 25, 2016

Is anyone else super obsessed with pom poms these days?! From bags to shoes to dresses, it seems like pom poms are popping up on everything lately, and I absolutely love it! I fell particularly in love with a few pairs of pom pom sandals (these, these, and these), but since they don’t exactly match my budget, decided to make a pair of my own! They are perfect to take on a beach vacation, or to just add a little bit of fun to an everyday outfit.

Now, let me just say that I’m not the biggest DIY-er. I’m definitely not the craftiest person in the world, to say the least. However. These are SO easy to make! If I can do it, anyone can.

Here’s how I did it:


What you’ll need: A pair of lace up sandals (I chose this pair from ASOS), pom poms (I chose these from Hobby Lobby), needle & thread, and scissors.


First, decide what colors you want to use (I went for all except for green). Then, thread your needle with a thread in a color that’s as close to the sandals as possible. I’ve never sewn before, so this was a learning process for me! If you don’t know how to thread a needle, check out this handy video for tips. You’ll have to do it a few times, so you’ll get the hang of it!


Mark out where you want to put the pom poms using pencil. Make sure to put them on as you’re doing it, since the laces tend to shift a little.


Using the needle and thread, stick the needle in the lace from underneath. Then, put the needle through the pom pom. Loop it once before tying a knot as close as possible to the lace (for all you non-sewers out there, this might take a little trial and error… don’t give up!).


Repeat this process for as many pom poms as you want to put on!

Pom-pom-sandal-DIY_2 Pom-pom-sandal-DIY_1



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