iPhone Snap Roundup

July 19, 2017

I feel like the past couple of months have been a total whirlwind! From spontaneous trips to weddings to friends in town, there’s been a lot going on. I like to share little updates about my day to day life in my posts, but I usually don’t share everything that’s happening in my life.  I love sharing pretty, curated photos, but even as someone who can look at pretty photos all day long, they can get a little boring after a while! Personal posts are always my favorite from other bloggers, so I want to start getting a little more personal here. 🙂

Here’s what I’ve been up to over the past month and a half!

The fair!! I’ve been going to the Del Mar Fair for as long as I can remember. Ever since Dave and I started dating over 2 years ago (how crazy is that?!), we’ve made a point to go every summer. Our little tradition is taking photobooth photos! I have three different ones on my desk now and they make me so happy every time I look at them.

The ferris wheel is always one of the highlights of the fair! I don’t really go on any other rides anymore, but the ferris wheel is a must. As cliché as it sounds, we always go at sunset. It really is magical!!

The views from the ferris wheel seriously can’t be beat! Don’t mind our super cute seatbelts…haha. The fair was definitely a success this year. Not only did we catch the ferris wheel at sunset, we ate ALL THE THINGS! My favorite thing we ate was probbbably the cinnamon roll. I get one every year!

The apartment is really feeling like home. I’m really loving how everything turned out decor-wise. For a first “real” apartment with two girls on a budget, I’d say we did pretty well! After living at home for so long, I seriously have pinch me moments all the time that I actually live here.

My bar cart is also starting to come together quite nicely! I have to say, this little corner in my apartment is one of my favorites. My $40 Craigslist bar cart is probably one of my best finds ever. Margaritas are our go-to drink so naturally I stocked tequila and triple-sec before anything else!

You guys…..I literally cannot stop wearing these sandals! I snagged them from this little boutique in downtown Carlsbad (Melrose in the OC for you local ladies!) and basically haven’t taken them off since. I wasn’t totally convinced with the slide trend but these sold me! They are so darn comfy, easy to wear, and go with pretty much anything. From sundresses to shorts and a tee, they just work!

My besties from college all live in San Francisco and between all of our jobs and schedules it’s nearly impossible to schedule a weekend together. We miraculously were all free one weekend in June so I immediately booked a flight (my first flight ever booked with credit card points, I felt like such an adult haha) and flew to San Francisco to visit them. This snap was from our picnic in Dolores Park– it was SO crazy because it was Pride weekend!

We had SUCH a fun weekend! Jessie (on the left) and Alexandra (on the right) and I spent the first day in the city with a boozy brunch and followed with a bit of daydrinking. We hit up a couple of awesome spots (The Tipsy Pig and El Techo) for drinks and had so much fun catching up. Long distance friendships are so hard, so I appreciate our time together so much. This snap was at El Techo, which is one of the few rooftop bars in the city. The views were amazing!

On Sunday we went wine tasting at House Family Vineyards in Saratoga. The winery is SO cute and I already want to go back! It was on top of a hill and had stunning views all around (I feel like all I’ve been talking about is views, haha). We bought a ton of cheese and crackers, had a little picnic and drank lots of wine. It was the perfect ending to the weekend!

One of my best friends Mel moved back to San Diego a couple months ago and I’M SO HAPPY! We’ve both been crazy busy and it’s been hard to find time to have a proper one on one catch up sesh. I love that we basically showed up in matching outfits, completely unplanned. We both wore flowy white tops, ripped jeans, and brown wedges!

When we finally found the time to catch up a couple weeks ago, we went to You & Yours Distilling Co., which recently opened in East Village. It’s basically the most Instagrammable place on earth! They make all their own spirits and all their drinks are incredible (and beautiful). I’m also pretty sure I need that bar in my future home!

One of my other college besties came to town for the 4th of July! She also lives in SF but we didn’t get to see each other that much when I went up and visited, so it was really nice to see her and catch up in San Diego. We barbecued, got awesome Mexican food, went downtown with her other girlfriends. Her name is also Mel– I have two Mels in my life so it’s hard to keep track, I know!

THE WEDDING! One of my best friends Emily got married a couple weeks ago, and it was the most amazing day. Emily is my oldest friend–our moms were friends before we were even born! It was pretty surreal to see her marry the man of her dreams, and she looked SO beautiful. We had to take advantage of the ring light for a quick selfie before she got in her dress!

This is Hayley, who was the maid of honor and is my roommate! I think getting ready was one of my favorite parts of the day. It was so fun watching everyone get their hair and makeup done. I hardly recognized myself–I had never worn fake eyelashes before!!

You can’t really tell in the photo, but her dress was SO beautiful. Like, it was a boho princess dream. She looked absolutely perfect! I loved this snap of her father-daughter dance.

And of course Dave was there too as my handsome date!! 🙂 He didn’t have a proper suit so we got him a new one for the wedding. I have to say, I thought he looked pretty darn handsome! There’s just something about a man in a suit, am I right?! Also, the bridesmaid dresses were so pretty (even though by the end of the night we had all tucked in the shoulder straps so we could lift our arms and dance)!

I’ve been starting to take more advantage of living so close to the beach. Usually during the week Dave and I are apart because we live pretty far away from each other, but he came over on a random Wednesday last week and we headed to the beach for sunset. It was such a nice way to break up the week, and a walk on the beach made me forget about life for a little bit!

Another snap from our sunset beach walk! I’ve been trying to let my hair air dry more in an attempt to use less heat on it. I feel like it’s hardly grown in the past couple years and I’m so frustrated! I just trimmed it and I just started taking Biotin, so we’ll see if any of that helps. But that’s my hair in all of its natural glory!



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  • Really fun to get to know you on a more personal level!!!!! I know we all love a good outfit post (guilty ova bere✋?✋?✋?)but I sure do love hearing about people and getting to know them better! You write and tell stories beautifully!!!