Over the Knee Boots

January 12, 2018


This week flew by, which I couldn’t be more thankful about. I was pretty busy at work, which always helps! This weekend Dave and I are meeting my parents, aunt and uncle, and cousins out in the desert (Borrego, for any locals out there) to camp for one night. I’ve heard desert camping is pretty awesome, so I’m looking forward to it! Plus, the last time we camped, I was in the beginning stages of the flu/bronchitis, so I’m excited to be able to have fun and not be passed out in the trailer with a fever. 🙂

I’m skipping this week’s “This and That” post because I couldn’t get it together enough last night to get this post up. So here we are!

Today I want to talk about over the knee boots. I’ve always thought they were gorgeous and looked great on other people, but I didn’t think that I could pull them off. I thought either they would look terrible on me because I’m not stick-thin, or that I just wasn’t cool enough for them. Well, I was wrong on both counts. I grabbed these over the knee boots the day before we left on our New York trip, and I’m so glad I did. Not only are they insanely comfortable (they are from Target, no less!!) and perfect for walking around, they looked amazing on. I mean, we walked miles and my feet were fine. Plus, they kept my legs warmer than if I had brought my regular riding boots. If you want to try the trend, I can’t recommend these boots highly enough, especially at their price point (less than $40!). If you’ve been thinking you aren’t cool enough to rock them, give these boots a chance!

Sweater: Old Navy (20% off today!) // Jeans: Old Navy, old // Boots: Target



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