Out with the old, in with the new

August 24, 2013

Even with all the clothes in my closet, I rarely have an easy time choosing what to wear. Flipping through hanger after hanger, I constantly find myself looking at my clothes and wishing I could just start over. No matter how many times I say this, the items in my closet stay the same, until I finally convince myself to do the impossible: clean out my closet. With this comes me saying “Well, I’ve never worn these purple corduroy shorts before, but I might want to someday!”, which is when I realize how insane I sound. Sure, I might get around to wearing that faded sweater I’ve had since sophomore year (of high school)….. except I won’t. Going through your closet might sound like a chore, but afterwards you’ll definitely be happy you did!

Here’s why:

1. When you’re organized, you feel better. If your clothes aren’t organized, it makes it that much harder to put great outfits together. Getting rid of pieces that are just getting in the way makes life a whole lot easier. When cleaning out your closet, make an effort to organize different sections for different pieces. I like to keep my clothes in sections that separate my dresses, tank tops, skirts, blouses, etc.

2.Having more isn’t always better. While I love looking at a full closet, if half of the clothes in it are old and outdated, it’s not doing you any good. Don’t be afraid to have a few empty hangers in your closet. Seeing things that you actually like will make you a lot happier than seeing a bunch of stuff you hate.

3. You can buy more clothes (without feeling guilty)! Once you have a few bags full of clothes, you will feel much better about your next shopping spree. Having a clear conscience while shopping is such a great feeling. Also, once you have evaluated what’s in your closet, it makes it easier for you to determine what you actually need.

4. You can make some money. Unless my clothes are totally trashed, I always take them to consignment shops. My favorite place to take my clothes is Buffalo Exchange, because they are one of the few places that will actually give you cash. However, putting clothes on consignment is still great, it just takes a little more time. Selling your clothes is the perfect way to expand your shopping budget!



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