Long Weekend in Lake Tahoe

September 7, 2017

Last weekend, Dave and I met up with one of my best friends Alexandra and her boyfriend Mikey in Lake Tahoe. You guys…I’m seriously in love with Tahoe. I had been up there once before, but it was back in high school and I really didn’t appreciate it as much. It’s seriously one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been! Now my new life goal is to buy a lake house in Tahoe. If only I had an extra few million lying around, haha! It’s good motivation, though. 😉

We had an absolute blast at the lake and honestly the weekend went perfectly. We managed to fit in everything that everyone wanted to do! I did a tiny bit of research beforehand but I really just wanted to keep things spontaneous, which is hard for my plan-loving self, but it couldn’t have worked out better.

The original plan was to drive up. But, my dad is a pilot, which means that occasionally…there are perks. His main clients have a place in Tahoe and fly up pretty frequently, and it just so happened that they were flying up for the weekend. They generously let us fly with them (Dave and I know them very well) and it was SO nice not having to sit in the car for 10 hours! My other life goal is to have a private jet someday….ha, yeah right! 😉

Our Airbnb turned out to be the cutest thing EVER. It looked cute in pictures, but you never really know until you get there! It was an adorable A-frame style cabin and was so charming. It had a super cute deck with a barbecue and a jacuzzi! The first night we hung out at the cabin for a while and then got dinner and drinks at Sunnyside Resort, which was close enough to walk to. Their margaritas and burgers were killer, and the lake views were incredible.

One of my favorite parts about being in the mountains is the crisp air, the chilly mornings, and the peace and quiet. It’s seriously magical. I loved waking up in the morning and having my coffee out on the porch, listening to the birds in a cozy sweater and PJs. I’m convinced that’s pretty much my heaven on earth.

We noticed from our walk the night before that there was a trailhead right near our place, so Saturday morning after we made breakfast at the cabin we headed out to find the trail. The trail ended up being a gorgeous hike that lead to this pretty little river (still not sure which one it is, I know it’s not the Truckee).

After getting sweaty hiking all morning, we took off for the beach. We tried to go to one spot but didn’t realize it was a state park, so you had to pay and there was a line of cars 20 deep to get in, so we turned around and headed to Chambers Landing beach. It turned out to be a super tiny beach (one part of it was members only) but it was just what we needed to set up camp and head into the water with our floaties! The water was cold but super refreshing. I could have floated all day!!

After we floated the afternoon away, we stopped at Chambers Landing Bar for some of their famous punch. First of all, the bar itself is on the dock and is the cutest thing ever, and second of all….the punch was SO GOOD. Like, dangerously good. It’s a bunch of rum and I’m not even sure what else, but man oh man it was delicious. The bar/dock was packed full of people our age so it was such a fun vibe, and every single person had the punch! It was an awesome spot that I totally recommend going to if you’re ever in Tahoe. Make sure and get the punch!

After the beach we grilled burgers at the cabin as a late lunch and eventually made our way down to the beach for sunset. We originally tried to go to West Shore Cafe to watch the sunset, but it was closed for a private event. Instead, we headed to a little pebbly beach that was walking distance from the cabin. We brought a water bottle full of wine (classy, I know) and sat and watched the sunset. It was SO beautiful and way better than waiting for a table on the water!

On Sunday we got up early (starving and slightly hungover) for breakfast at the Fire Sign Cafe. If you’re in Tahoe looking for an amazing diner style breakfast…this is the place. We got there early and it was still a 45 minute wait, and by the time we left it was an hour and half, so if you go, go early! Unfortunately was too hungry to snap any pictures of my food, haha.

After breakfast we hiked to Eagle Rock. We all wanted a hike that was short, relatively easy, and with an amazing view. Well, Eagle Rock checks all those boxes! It’s only a 1.5 mile hike and you get the best views EVER. I mean….

So beautiful, right?!

The views were truly breathtaking. It’s definitely a busier hike since it’s right off the main road, but if you’re looking for something short and sweet, it’s just the ticket. Dave flew his drone around and got some amazing footage, too!

After we hiked, we headed back down to the little pebbly beach by our cabin for the afternoon. We floated some more and had so much fun! Honestly, I’ve never been more relaxed than floating on the lake. It was the best!!

I also got to break in my L.L. Bean boat and tote this weekend, which I was pretty excited about!

That night we went in to Tahoe City and had beers at Tahoe Mountain Brewing Co. and dinner at Moe’s BBQ on the lake. I sadly don’t have any great photos of either spot, but they were both amazing and worth a visit if you’re in Tahoe City. The pulled pork at Moe’s was insane!

To finish off the trip, we went up north to Nevada and hit up Crystal Bay Casino. It was Mikey’s idea (yes Mikey I blame you, haha!) and it turned out to be SO much fun. Even though the casino was your typical smoky, filled with old people, slightly depressing casino, we had a blast playing blackjack and craps. It was the perfect way to end the weekend.

I can’t wait for our next trip together!



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