January Wish List

January 18, 2018

Can we stop and pause for a moment at the fact that it’s already January 17th?! I feel like this month is flying by even though the days seem to be dragging on (anyone else feel the same?). I’ve been really trying to not spend money this month, and I have to say I’ve been doing incredibly well. I’ve hardly spent any money apart from groceries and grabbing lunch or Starbucks occasionally. I haven’t shopped at all this month, which I’m actually pretty proud of considering there have been some amazing sales going on! Willpower is not my strong suit when it comes to shopping. Even though I’ve been trying to cut back on spending, it doesn’t mean I haven’t had my eye on a few things…here’s what I’m obsessed with this month. 🙂

Fleece Pullover

Fleece is SO on trend right now, and I have to admit I’m loving it. When trendy meets cozy, I’m all in. I love this fleece pullover J.Crew just came out with. It’s the perfect blend of casual-sporty-chic.

Pink Crossbody

I’m a sucker for anything Kate Spade, and their new collection is so adorable. I’m particularly in love with this little pink crossbody. I mean, how cute would this be for spring?!

Navy Ruffle Sweater

I love the ruffle detailing that makes this simple v-neck sweater really feminine and fun.

Tassel Earrings

I’m still not over the statement earring trend! These babies look like many of the more expensive designer options, but are a fraction of the cost. I’m loving the navy blue!

Gingham Heels

Need I say more? I mean, I might have to break down and snag these for the spring. I feel like I would wear them every single day!

Bow Sweater

This is something I 100% don’t need, but WANT SO BADLY. The bow detail is to die for. I can’t handle the cuteness!

Gingham Pajamas

Again, need I say more? L.L. Bean does it again with these amazing gingham flannel PJs. These are so perfect for chilly winter nights.

Pink Sweats

I’ve had my favorite pair of sweats literally since senior year of high school (good ol’ VS Pink) so I’ve been on the hunt for a new pair. These pink ones are too good!



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