How To Beat The Post-Vacation Blues

November 14, 2017

I’m back from Hawaii! It was such a nice break from reality. I feel like I’ve been gone forever! We got back late Sunday night and I’m still getting back into the swing of things. I’m definitely struggling a bit and feeling the post-vacation blues hard. Not only is it hard having to sit in an office again after being on vacation, but there’s tons of laundry to do, unpacking, and just getting your life back in order in general. Right now I’m just trying to keep my head above the water, but here’s how I’m trying to beat the post-vacation blues!

1. Get a good night’s rest

Even if you didn’t travel far, traveling always wears you down and it’s best to get as much sleep as possible on your first few days back. Since our 12 hour travel day on Sunday, I’ve made sure to go to bed really early every night and it’s helped immensely in perking me up. Going to work is always horrible after vacation, and being tired only makes it worse!

2. Unpack

Unpacking is the most obvious thing to do, but also the hardest. I find that I’m either super on top of it and unpack right away, or I leave my suitcase lying around for at least a week. I always feel better if I get it done right away. Even if I feel frazzled trying to get my life back in order, at least I know I’ve gotten unpacking out of the way.

3. Check your credit card balance

It always hurts looking at how much you spent on vacation, but just bite the bullet and check your account to make sure everything looks good (even if you now regret buying a few too many mai-tais). I’m weird about my credit card and always like chipping away at my balance throughout the month so I’m not slammed paying a ton at the end, so I always like to check after I know I’ve spent a lot on vacation and pay some of it off right away.

4. Go grocery shopping

After indulging on vacation, it’s hard to get back into the swing of healthy eating, but it’s so necessary. The past couple of days I’ve had salads and lots of veggies and I swear I already feel better! Getting grocery shopping done right away ensures you’ll start off on a healthy note instead of grabbing take out every day your first week back.

5. Go through your photos

Not only is going through your photos helpful as far as organizing, but it’s nice to spend some time going through them to relive your trip. Every now and then at work I’ll pop into my photos and just go through a few and it really is a huge mood booster to look back on happy vacation memories.

6. Start planning your next trip

Having trips planned really keeps me motivated. Whether it’s a weekend away or a long trip, I start daydreaming and eventually planning my next trip as soon as I can. Getting back into the travel mode really helps get your mind out of its post-vacation funk.

Do you have any tips for beating the post-vacay blues? I’d love to hear them!

Stay tuned for more Hawaii posts 🙂



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