Holiday Date Ideas

December 13, 2016

The holidays are the most magical time of year for so many reasons. Pretty lights everywhere, cozy sweater weather, mistletoe, snow falling (at least in some places)…it’s so romantic! I always look forward to holiday dates because the season makes them that much more special. Getting to cuddle up with your significant other, watch Christmas movies and have hot chocolate is pretty much the best thing ever! There are SO many fun holiday date ideas out there, but these are a few of my tried and true ideas that will totally put you in the holiday spirit (and make you re-fall in love with your love!).

1. Go ice skating 

My favorite spot is at the Hotel Del Coronado because it’s literally right on the beach!

2.  Take a drive to see Christmas lights

We usually pick a few neighborhoods (I love Pepper Drive and Garrison Street in San Diego), pack the car with snacks and take some hot chocolate for the ride.

3.  Have a Christmas movie marathon

What better way to spend a chilly night than binge watching all your Christmas favorites together?! (Elf, Christmas Vacation, and Love Actually are a few of my faves)

4. Bake cookies

Make sugar cookies so then you can decorate them, too! You can’t go wrong with this recipe.

5. Go hotel hopping

Get dressed up and check out the gorgeous holiday decor at different hotels (and be sure to grab a drink at the bar).

6. Thrift shopping for ugly Christmas sweaters

Even if you don’t have an “ugly sweater” party to go to, ugly sweaters are still so fun to wear around the house!!

7. Stay in and drink eggnog by the fire

Sometimes a night in is all you need, especially when it’s freezing out. Add eggnog and a fireplace and you’ve got a super romantic, festive date!

8. Go Christmas shopping together

Christmas shopping can be a pain, but it can be really fun to make a day of it looking at all the pretty decorated storefronts and get a nice lunch after.

9. Have a snow day

Put on your warm clothes and spend a day sledding and playing in the snow. Even if you have to drive to the mountains for snow like we do in SoCal, the drive is half the fun!

10. See a holiday show

Pick a fun show like the Nutcracker or White Christmas to really get in the spirit!



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