Straw Hats

August 10, 2017

Today’s post is a little late because a work happy hour got in the way, woops! Priorities though, am I right?! Happy hour is the best hour in my book. Especially on Friday eve! This week was a long one for sure, and tonight was a much needed break and fun way to catch up with my coworkers. Now I’m catching up for the evening, lighting a candle and having a cozy night in getting some blogging done!

So, in case you didn’t know I love hats. Especially straw hats. They have always been a big part of my wardrobe. I feel like they are one of the easiest ways to complete or add to an outfit and they just always look chic. Plus, they keep your face and neck out of the sun which is always a plus in my book. I’m extra pale, so anything helps to keep me out of the sun! I pretty much always wear a hat if I’m able to.

I know summer is tapering down, but in San Diego and SoCal in general things are just heating up. I’m never not looking for a hat (I mean, I can always use a new one, you know?), so I thought I would share some of my current favorites with you guys in case you were in the market. I mean, there’s still a solid few weeks left of summer, and there’s still lots of sunshine ahead!

Here are some of my current favorites:



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