Grad Announcements

May 6, 2014

Hi everyone! I know a lot of schools have already had graduation or it is in a few days, but if any of you are graduating in June like I am, there’s still plenty of time for graduation announcements. I opted not to go for the announcements from my school because I didn’t love them. After a little research, I found some adorable options on Tinyprints. I selected these specifically because they didn’t include a photo in them. Personally, I think those can be a little tacky sometimes (don’t mean to offend anyone but they’re just not my cup of tea!). These announcements are so cute, and you can customize to your hearts content!

I chose the above style for my announcements.  They were just so me I couldn’t resist. You can change the color of the flowers and border type as well!

I love the gold shimmer on these.

This style is simple and pretty.

I love this chalk style!

This style is super bright and springy!



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