Getting Organized

January 4, 2017

I always love taking the first week of a new year to really get organized. There’s no better feeling than getting a fresh spanking new planner and a couple of notebooks to start the year off right. I’ve always been a total planner girl! I’ll forever love writing things on paper. I use Google Calendar for a few things, but honestly I rely on my planner the most. For the past couple years I’ve used this Kate Spade planner, but decided to switch things up for 2017 and got this adorable Sugar Paper one from Target instead. I also just got this address book, which I know will be oh so helpful. Here’s how I plan on staying organized throughout the year!

1 // Keeping my planner up to date

Having a planner won’t do any good if you don’t update it (which I’ll admit, I’ve been guilty of more than a few times). I’m going to try to write in my planner every day, updating it with any events, appointments, etc. Even if I don’t have anything new to add, I’ll at least check it to see what I have coming up!

2 // Make a to-do list every day

I always make a to-do list on days that are super busy, but sometimes I forget on days when I don’t have as much going on. Making a to-do list, even if it’s with super small things, always makes me feel accomplished. So, I want to make a habit of making a to-do list every morning!

3 // Use an address book

I’ve mentioned before how much I love writing thank you cards. I think handwritten notes and cards are especially important now when all we get are emails! I always forget to write down addresses, and having an actual address book will be so helpful for me to stay organized.

4 // Devote 15 minutes a day to organization

Whether it’s going through those last emails in my inbox, making a phone call I’ve been putting off, or jotting down ideas in my journal, I want to devote 15 minutes a day to organizing. I think it will be a really great time to get focused and motivated!

Do you guys have plans to get organized this year?



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