Forever 21

November 22, 2013

It finally happened! I turned 21 last weekend and it was SO much fun. It was a crazy night to say the least, but my friends are amazing and took super good care of me. One part I absolutely loved was getting all dressed up! I picked out my dress months ago, and I could not wait to wear it. Naturally, it was from Forever 21. I was going to try to look around other places, but it was so gorgeous, I just knew it was the one. Gold sequins + chiffon = heaven!

If any of you have a 21st birthday coming up (or a fun holiday party), here are a few fun dress options I found (from Forever 21)! I couldn’t find my exact dress, but these dresses are just as sparkly and gorgeous.

Love the cutouts on this one.

The colors of the sequins on this dress are so fun!

This dress is super dreamy.

Which dress would you wear for your 21st?



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