For the long haul

September 8, 2013
Today I am blogging from the Pacific Surfliner! The train ride from San Luis Obispo to San Diego is approximately 8 hours… give or take the extra hour that usually is tacked on due to Amtrak being so painfully slow. I usually enjoy the first half of the trip: sweeping ocean views, foggy vistas above Santa Barbara, and not too many other passengers on board. However, once the hours start to drag on, the train fills up and the ocean views are swapped with industrial buildings, and I become slightly deranged (this usually occurs around hour 9). Nevertheless, I always enjoy the chance to watch movies all day, guilt free! Here are some of my long train trip essentials:Train Essentials
1. A big, cozy sweater is my best friend on the train– even if it’s hot outside, I always end up freezing!
2. My favorite jeans that are perfect for traveling because they are super comfy but look better than sweatpants.
3. Sneaks that will keep your feet toasty (see #1)
4.  A carryall that has easy access for my ticket, phone, water, etc.
5. Sunnies for when the sun breaks through the fog!
6. Reading material for when my eyes start to hurt from staring at my computer for too long.
7. I always bring tons of snacks to avoid getting a hunger headache (yes, those actually happen to me)
Happy travels!

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