Fall To-Do list

October 10, 2013

Every time fall rolls around, there are always tons of things I want to do, but never get around to doing any of them until it’s too late (getting to the pumpkin patch when they are mostly gone is a little depressing). So, I am making an official list of things to do this fall! Hopefully I’ll get around to at least some of them, and I hope they inspire you to get out and get in the fall spirit.

1. Visit a pumpkin patch! Get a group of friends together and go pick some pumpkins… it doesn’t get much more fall than that! Bring your camera along and have a photo shoot.

2. Have a scary movie night. If you’re like my friends and I, that means Hocus Pocus and Halloweentown… but if you want to go the Chainsaw Massacre route, that’s fine too! Get a bunch of candy (don’t forget candy corn!) and fall drinks like pumpkin ale.

3. Go to a haunted house! I always say I want to go but never get the chance. I’m a baby about scary stuff, but for some reason I always love haunted houses. Try to get a big group together, there’s safety in numbers!

4. Spend the afternoon apple picking. This is something I’ve never done but always wanted to. There are tons of orchards around SLO, so hopefully I’ll make it this year. Use your bounty to make an apple pie afterwards- yum!

5. Take a drive. Pick a destination, pack some snacks, and drive. Stop for a warm pumpkin spice latte along the way, and enjoy the crisp air and new scenery. If you can’t do a drive, grab a friend and take a walk instead.

6. Have a bonfire. At the beach, in your backyard, wherever! Make s’mores, drink hot cider, and be merry.

7. Make homemade chili. Pick a good recipe (I like Ree Drummond’s and Southern Living’s), whip up a big batch, and invite your friends over. A hot cup of chili can cure just about anything, and it will definitely warm up a cold night.

What are some things you want to do this fall?



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