Fall shorts

September 21, 2013

One trend I love and for some reason never really partake in is wearing shorts in fall. For some reason, I’m always bound and determined that fall will actually come and the temperature will miraculously drop, making it impossible to wear shorts. Well, it doesn’t. It’s always nice enough weather that shorts are quite popular in the fall. Usually if I wear shorts in the fall it’s because of some nasty heatwave, though, which always pop up in October. When that happens, I never get to pair them with sweaters or tights because it’s so hot! So, this year I really want to try to incorporate shorts into my fall wardrobe (when it’s actually chilly).

Here are some of my favorite ways of styling shorts in colder weather!

I love the tough moto jacket paired with a gingham blouse and cutoffs.

Layers are always a good idea- this cozy scarf and long sleeved shirt are perfect together.

These rust orange shorts look effortlessly chic with black tights and a sweater.

A hat + long coat + boots = so chic!

An oversize sweater and thigh high socks would take away any chill in the air.

How do you style shorts in fall?



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