Fall Leaves in the Auvergne

December 8, 2016

One of the things I miss the most about Europe is the gorgeous fall foliage and chilly weather! After Paris, we traveled down to the Auvergne region, which is an area in south central France. Our host (Dave’s family friend) has the most beautiful French farmhouse that we were lucky enough to stay in. The foliage was stunning in the area, and we got lucky and had some really beautiful days. The Auvergne is a gorgeous area filled with cow dotted rolling hills, farmhouses, and little villages. It was seriously like something out of Beauty and the Beast! We spent our days taking in the cold weather, eating cheese (our host took us to a farm where they make their own cheese!), and exploring the insanely gorgeous scenery. If you ever get the chance to head to the area, I totally reccomend it!

I loved cozying up in this blanket scarf (last seen on our visit to the Cotswolds here) on chilly days at the farmhouse. To switch things up, I wore it like a wrap, which made it even cozier! Paired with my favorite turtleneck, it made for the perfect fall outfit- the kind that I always dream about in SoCal when it’s 85 out in November. 😉

Sweater: Forever 21 (love the cable knit detail on this one) // Scarf: Target (almost identical here, and only $25)

Jeans: Old Navy // Boots: Target, old (similar Target version here)



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