Fall Bucket List

September 21, 2017

I can’t believe the first day of fall is tomorrow. Seriously, didn’t 2017 just start?! I swear, this year has been going by way too fast. We still have a few more weeks of summer weather left, but you can bet I’ll be getting my fall on anyways. 😉 I couldn’t resist buying my first pumpkin flavored item at Trader Joe’s this week…Pumpkin Joe-Joes. I don’t know how I’d never had them before, considering I always pretty much raid TJ’s pumpkin section, but man. I almost wish I hadn’t bought them because I’ve basically eaten the whole box this week. They are SO good.

I always love making these types of lists because it gets me inspired for the new season and gives me ideas of things to do on weekends with no plans (although those kinds of weekends have been few and far between these days). No matter how “basic” it may be, I really do love fall. Even though there’s not a huge change in temperature here, there’s definitely a fall feeling in the air that I just can’t get enough of.

 Here are some of the things I want to do this fall!

-Decorate my apartment
-Go on a fall road trip
-Perfect my chili recipe
-Make pumpkin bread
-Go apple picking
-Have a chilly beach bonfire
-Attempt to find fall foliage in SoCal
-Go to Oktoberfest (we went to this one a couple years ago and it was SO fun)
-Watch Practical Magic (if you haven’t seen it…go watch it right now)
-Go to Julian for apple pie and a hike
-Make an awesome Halloween costume

What are some things on your list?



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